Best Pickleball Paddle Brands

The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Paddle Brands

Pickleball paddles can vary drastically in weight, thickness, shape, and performance. This guide will break down the best paddle brands on the market and which ones are suited for different player types.

1. Selkirk

History: Founded in 1981, Selkirk is one of the oldest pickleball paddle brands. Known for durable, easy to control paddles for all levels of play.

Popular Models:

Best For: Beginners to intermediate players who value durability and control. Players who like a traditional square paddle shape.

Not For: Advanced players seeking maximum spin and power.

2. Joola

History: Founded in 1968, Joola specializes in composites and has a wide pickleball lineup. Known for innovative paddle designs and premium materials.

Popular Models:

Best For: Advanced players seeking more spin potential and responsive paddles.

Not For: Beginners (premium price point and stiffer paddles).

3. Vatic


Vatic Pro v7

The best combination of power, control, and value for money.

History: Founded in 2020, Vatic focuses exclusively on pickleball and quickly became known for their affordable thermoformed paddles.

Popular Models:

Best For: Intermediate to advanced players seeking lots of spin, power and features at an affordable price.

Not For: Beginners (potentially overly powerful paddles for developing good technique).

4. Engage

History: Founded in 2015, Engage has become a popular brand known for sleek designs and high-end materials.

Popular Models:

Best For: Intermediate players seeking better-looking paddles with some added performance.

Not For: Advanced players (better options exist at Engage's price point).

5. Legacy

History: Founded in 2021, Legacy focuses on advanced performance with their thermoformed paddles.

Popular Models:

Best For: Advanced players seeking responsive paddles with ample power and spin.

Not For: Beginners (lack of softer touches for developing proper technique).

6. Spartus

History: Established in 2017, Spartus offers raw carbon fiber and thermoformed options.

Popular Models:

Best For: Beginners looking for an affordable introductory paddle. Intermediate players seeking more spin.

Not For: Advanced players (outperformed by pricier options).


History: An established tennis brand, Head entered pickleball in 2019.

Popular Models:

Best For: Beginner to intermediate players looking for a trusted name in a paddle.

Not For: Advanced players (lacks features of more specialized PB brands).

8. Gamma

History: Founded in 1980, Gamma focuses on paddlesports and offers a full pickleball lineup.

Popular Models:

Best For: Recreational to competitive players seeking plenty of spin potential.

Not For: Beginners (lack of softer touches right out of the box).


Different brands cater to a variety of player types and abilities. Consider your skill level, playing style, and budget before investing in an upgrade. Let us know in the comments which brands and models you prefer!